Katie: “Gorgeous @kendalljenner and @alessandraambrosio at Bottega Veneta”


do you think clouds look down on people and think “that ones shaped like an idiot”

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There is a story behind these mugs

How many times

ten word poem /// r.i.d
"When I was 12 boys slid their hand up my thigh and slapped my butt. I smiled and took it because I didn’t know it was okay to say stop. I didn’t know that I could say no. So, when the principal calls telling me my daughter is suspended for punching a boy who wouldn’t stop touching her, I will cook her favorite meals. When she tells me how she cursed at the boy who wouldn’t move his hands off her knee even though she asked him to, I will smile and pull out her favorite movie to watch together. I will celebrate the fact that she accepts her body as her own and knows she has the right to say no. I never want my daughter to think her body belongs to men, because it is her own and my god should she be proud. I will teach her it’s more than okay to say stop, something I wish I had known when I was that age."
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"I think I’m allergic to people who are unwilling to broaden their perspectives."
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  • parent: why hasn't ____ been round lately? I thought you were friends
  • me: well they turned into a cunt

I love my new tshirt soo mucH its v me

the baby boomer culture: how an entire generation literally will not shut up about young people doing things they enjoy

(by Ricardo Contreras)